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Do I Need an Attorney To Help Me With My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

We think that it’s safe to say that no one wants to be involved in an accident or get injured. Not at home, not in the middle of the street, and certainly not in the workplace. Unfortunately, accidents are called accidents for a reason, and no matter how careful we are, sometimes we just can’t avoid them.

Most workplace-related accidents result in minor injuries, which is a good thing. However, what happens if the incident dealt a major blow to your finances, threatened your employee’s life, or resulted in missed days at work?

As a business owner, knowing when to call your lawyer to learn your rights is a good weapon in protecting yourself from financial loss, abuse, or outright rejection. Thankfully, we have an excellent workers compensation attorney in MN and we’re here to answer all of your questions.

As a business owner, knowing when to call your lawyer to learn your rights is a good weapon in protecting yourself from financial loss, abuse, or outright rejection. Thankfully, we have an excellent workers compensation attorney in MN and we’re here to answer all of your questions.
When is the right time to call a lawyer about a workers’ compensation claim? Read on.

When Are Lawyers Not Necessarily Needed?

If your employee incurred a workplace injury that does not need treatment to heal then you probably don’t need to call your lawyer. Insurance companies are also unlikely to dispute any claim in these situations. Especially if:

  • The injury your employee sustained is clearly work-related.
  • The injury does not need extensive medical care or treatment.
  • The injury won’t prevent them from working for a long period of time.
  • The injury will not result in any permanent injury.

Let’s expound on this further with a few example situations.

A minor injury qualifies as a twisted ankle or injury that only required a few stitches. You’ll probably get by without a lawyer in these situations, especially if you readily admit that the injury indeed happened at work. There probably won’t be any disputes from both sides and you’ll be compensated accordingly. Your employee can continue to work and all is well.

This can vary from situation to situation but these are solid examples of when lawyers may not be needed so no one’s time, energy, or resources will be unnecessarily spent.

Now, let’s talk about when you’ll need assistance from a lawyer.

When To Call Your Lawyer

Sometimes, workers’ compensation claims can get complex fast. When situations get too complicated then it’s time to call for a lawyer’s intervention. Lawyer up when:

  • Your insurance provider does not recognize your claim, rejects it, or does not process any payment at all or promptly does so. Please take note that there are insurers that deny workers’ compensation claims outright simply because they think that the employer or employee won’t have any resources to file for an appeal. Hiring an attorney will prevent this from happening and ensure that you get compensated appropriately.
  • You get compensated but the compensation does not cover all of the medical bills or wages. Sometimes, workers get compensated but not nearly enough of the right amount they deserve. If you think that you deserve more, even if a judge signed off of the agreement presented, then please go ahead and consult an attorney.
  • Sometimes, workplace accidents lead to permanent injury or injuries. Your employee is now unable to perform certain tasks or part of the tasks that they were able to before. Partial or total disability due to workplace injuries is very costly for insurance companies and they will do whatever they can to not pay up. With an attorney by your side, you will have constant advice and someone to fight for your rights and for what you deserve.
  • If your employee has plans to apply for Social Security disability benefits, a poorly structured and executed settlement from a workplace injury will significantly affect and lower their Social Security benefit claims. An attorney will draft a solid settlement agreement and ensure that they get the appropriate Social Security benefits.
  • Your employee retaliates against you during a workers’ compensation claim. This is what most employers fear. As we’ve established, these claims can get costly and may tarnish the reputation of the company you own. The problem is that they may retaliate against you in a lot of ways and that is fearsome to most. Relieve yourself of this fear by getting assistance from an attorney should your employee attempt to sue you, tarnish your business, or extort money from you. Know your rights, this is beyond unprofessional.
  • Your employee attempts to blame the injury on your mishaps or misconduct, or in the case that a third party was responsible for it. What if your employee was injured by a third party on the way to work? Is there any chance to get compensated for that being that it did not happen in your workplace? It turns out that there is, but this should be unrelated to you as an employer. A seasoned attorney will help you navigate through the ins and outs of such a situation if your employee attempts to pin this on you.

These are some of the situations where you’d need a lawyer to fight for you, especially since there are a lot of gray areas and business owners are often taken advantage of.

An Attorney Can Do So Much for You

An attorney will be more than just a guide for your compensation claim but they will make sure to help you out during evidence gathering. This is crucial for your claim since it will strengthen it and make sure that you are compensated accordingly.

An attorney will also ensure that there aren’t any pitfalls along the way, and if there are, then you can navigate your way around them. Needless to say, they’ve seen it all and they will make sure to anticipate the challenges that may come your way. Your attorney will also be ready to represent you if things lead to a court hearing.

Help Your Cause By Calling a Lawyer

A workers compensation attorney in MN will help you increase your chances of successfully getting your workers’ compensation claim approved. So, know when to lawyer up and prevent anyone from taking advantage of you.

Remember, you will need all the help that you can get as your employee or your insurance company already have a team of lawyers to fight your claim if they need to.

Give yourself a fighting chance. Call us now at Osterbauer Law Firm!


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