Does Where You Work Matter for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
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Does Where You Work Matter for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you would like to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, you may wonder if where you work matters. In some cases, it does matter which kind of employer or which type of workplace you have.

Public and Government Employers

Workers for public employers or the government may have a different experience with workers’ compensation than other employees. First, public employers are more likely to be self-insured for workers’ compensation claims. “Self-insured” means that they show the state of Minnesota that they have good financial standing and cash reserves sufficient to pay out medical and other claims related to workplace injuries. This also means that they handle workers’ compensation claims in house, usually through Human Resources, legal, or a safety office.

Second, your leave and return to work may be handled a bit differently than at private workplaces. Public employers may be strict about how much leave you can take, or want you to return to work quickly because the budget cannot pay for temp workers to replace you. In return, it may be easier for you to receive accommodations or transfer to a different position at the same seniority level. This does depend on which public employer or government agency is involved.

Small Workplaces

If you work in a very small workplace, receiving workers’ compensation may be a little more difficult than with larger employers. Small workplaces are less likely to have human resources departments to handle correspondence with the insurance company and accommodating your needs while injured. They rarely have safety departments or anyone in charge of fixing hazards in the workplace.

People who work in small workplaces may experience difficulties communicating with their employers about their workers’ comp claims and receiving benefits in a timely manner. If you cannot return to your old job, even with accommodations, you likely will not have the opportunity to transfer to a different job with the same employer.

Location of Your Workplace

For some employees, the physical location of their workplaces may affect workers’ compensation. Working at multiple employer locations, traveling frequently, working alone, or working at home all may make it more difficult to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The insurance company is simply more likely to deny benefits if you work in a nonstandard workplace or without witnesses to your injury.

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