Does Where You Live Matter for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?


Does Where You Live Matter for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you are seeking workers’ compensation benefits for an injury, you may wonder if where you live makes a difference. In some cases, your location can affect your case for benefits.

If You Move While Your Case Is Pending

If you move in the middle of your workers’ compensation case, you should know of a few potential effects on your case. For one, you must notify the insurance company and your employer of your new address immediately. Otherwise, you may not receive benefits payments.

Second, a move out of state could lead to trouble getting medical benefits. The insurance company may deny coverage for procedures by out-of-state medical providers, especially if your employer uses a certified managed care plan. In addition, the insurance company may make your case a lower priority (simply because you are further away). It may be harder to get a response from the insurer.

Available Doctors and Medical Providers

Depending on your location, you may have access to different doctors and medical providers. Sometimes the best doctors for your injury may practice very far away from you. You may want to see a certain primary treating physician who is not local, and the insurance company may say it will not reimburse for travel (or even pay for these medical costs).

In addition, if you have an independent medical exam (IME) as part of your case, the insurance company has to schedule you with a doctor near you. You may visit a doctor who is more or less favorable to the insurance company depending on your location.

Out of State Injuries

Finally, in some cases you can receive workers’ compensation for injuries you suffer while outside Minnesota. For example, you may be eligible if you get injured while on work travel that takes you out of state. Also, some temp workers from other states who are working in Minnesota can receive benefits. If you are working or living outside Minnesota, there is still a chance you could receive benefits here. Talk to a lawyer to learn more.

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