Employer Identities and Names in Minnesota Workers’ Compensation
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Employer Identities and Names in Minnesota Workers’ Compensation

When you are preparing to report an injury or  file a claim petition for your workers’ compensation case, you need to list the name of your employer. In some cases, it is difficult to figure out your employer’s true name or identity.

Finding an Employer Name

The name of your employer might be tough to track down for a few reasons:

  • Your employer is “doing business as” (DBA) one name but has a different legal name
  • You are being paid under the table
  • The employer has gone out of business
  • Your employer does not pay taxes properly
  • There is a parent company or subsidiary involved
  • You worked there a long time ago

Start by checking your paystubs or paychecks for an employer name. If you have no official paystubs or were paid in cash, look for any documents that list the employer’s name, such as an employee handbook, emails, or a business card. If you are still in contact with your employer, ask for the federal EIN (employer identification number), which is used for tax purposes.

Give a copy of these documents and information to your lawyer. He or she may have access to special research tools for looking up employer names. You also can try searching for your employer on the Department of Labor and Industry insurance lookup website.

Why Employer Identity Is Important

Without a clear employer identity and name, you may have difficulty receiving workers’ compensation benefits. For one, you will not know whether the employer was insured and by which insurance company. The insurance company usually needs to be involved to evaluate the claim and pay out benefits.

Also, even if you track down the insurance company, it may deny your claim on the basis that you cannot show that you were working when you were injured. If the employer is difficult to track down or has vanished, you may have difficulty proving that you had a job with that employer. Talk to a lawyer about your options in this situation.

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