When You Feel that the Deposition or IME Did Not Go Well, What Is Next?
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When You Feel that the Deposition or IME Did Not Go Well, What Is Next?

If you feel that your deposition or the IME did not go well, you may feel that your workers’ compensation case is lost. This is simply not true in many cases. You will need to move forward with your case and figure out what is next.

Why Might a Deposition or IME Go Poorly?

Maybe you struggled to answer a question at the deposition. Or you saw the attorney looking happy after the deposition ended. Perhaps the doctor at the independent medical examination was dismissive or did not take the time to fully examine you. These events can leave you feeling like you just lost your case.

Sometimes, it is true that a particular answer to a deposition question can negatively impact your chances for settlement. And not all IME doctors do the most thorough examination and end up leaving crucial information out of their reports. If this happens, your case does not end. You still have a claim and are still entitled to a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge.

Moving On After a Deposition or IME

After the deposition or the IME is over, your case will move forward. You might need to give the insurance company more documents, or you might need to ask it for more. If you have not had either an IME or a deposition, the insurance company may request it. Also, you may still have the opportunity to work with a qualified rehabilitation consultant if you request it. Further, you can see specialists and your primary treating physician for medical care, and you can prepare to return to work if able.

If you do not hear from the insurance company about settlement after an IME or deposition, then you should prepare for the hearing. This is a good time to consider getting a lawyer if you do not already have one. While it is more difficult for a lawyer to step in closer to the hearing, your case can benefit from having legal help by your side.

When a hearing is approaching, you need a lawyer who can quickly review your case file and discuss your case with you, then prepare for the hearing. Your lawyer should have experience appearing before workers’ compensation judges and handling claims based on injuries like you have. Also, ask your lawyer about opportunities for settlement before the hearing.

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