Getting Workers’ Comp When You Work Outdoors
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Getting Workers’ Comp When You Work Outdoors

When you work outdoors, no matter the type of job you do, you probably face some unique risks that could lead to workplace injuries. Understanding these risks and the types of injuries they can cause can foster a greater awareness of safety in the workplace.

Risks for Injury in an Outdoors Setting

Working outside instead of in an office can mean that you get plenty of fresh air and exercise. But outdoors jobs have risks too. Some of the more common problems with working outside include environmental and biological hazards, as well as occupational diseases. For example, you may be at risk for:

  • Heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • Hypothermia or frostbite
  • Skin cancer from sun exposure
  • Hearing loss from loud noises
  • Bites by poisonous spiders or snakes
  • Lyme disease or other infectious diseases from insects
  • Strains, sprains, and broken bones from falls or tripping

Getting Workers’ Compensation as an Outdoors Worker

One of the most important steps to take when you get injured on the job outdoors is to report your injury immediately. First, you could make your injury worse if you keep working through it without treatment. Second, the workers’ compensation insurance company may use your outside workplace as an excuse to deny your claim – by, for example, asserting that typical workers would not have been injured in that situation. The insurer also could claim that your injury did not arise out of or in the course of your employment.

Further, you should seek medical treatment for an injury as soon as possible. One of the hazards of working outdoors is exposure to all kinds of plants, animals, and insects. An open wound could get infected quickly, leading to problems healing or even a hospital stay. Provided that you have a compensable workplace injury, the insurance company should pay you back for the medical expenses.

If you are still struggling to get the benefits that you need, consult a local workers’ compensation lawyer. He or she can advise you of your rights and help you communicate with the insurer and your employer. Getting benefits can speed your return to work outdoors again.

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