Large Offices and Workers’ Compensation Claims
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Large Offices and Workers’ Compensation Claims

When you work in a very large office, you may face a set of particular challenges when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. For example, you may get “lost in the shuffle”, face a lot of HR bureaucracy, or even lose your job.

Lost in the Shuffle

At a big company, you could get lost in the shuffle when it comes to workers’ compensation. For example, your injury report could take a long time to reach the insurance company. If you need time off, the requests could get denied or ignored if your managers do not know about your injury. Your health and recovery from the injury are simply not your large company’s top priority, and it could show in how your claim is handled from the start.

Bureaucratic Nightmare

Unfortunately, employees do not always have great experiences dealing with Human Resources in large offices. Human Resources workers often handle the workers’ compensation claims for a company, so you may be communicating with HR frequently. Sometimes, either the large amount of communications or the lack of communication can frustrate injured workers. HR may bombard you with requests and questions, or you may hear nothing for months on end. Getting a lawyer and working with a QRC (qualified rehabilitation consultant) may ease the burden on your end to talk to HR.

Job Troubles at a Big Company

Finally, larger companies have a reputation for treating employees as interchangeable and replaceable. If you are on leave for workers’ compensation or tell the company that you need accommodations, you run a real risk of losing your job. The company may argue that your restrictions keep you from performing any job. But the truth often is that the company is more worried about its insurance premiums than giving you your job back.

Big companies are also more likely to be self-insured for workers’ comp or belong to certified managed care plans that employees must use. These can create further barriers for injured workers to receive the benefits that they need. If you are struggling to receive workers’ compensation benefits or even communicate with a large company about your injury, contact a local lawyer today.

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