Have You Been Speaking to a Workers’ Comp Insurance Adjuster? Your Next Steps
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Have You Been Speaking to a Workers’ Comp Insurance Adjuster? Your Next Steps

After you speak to a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster, you may wonder about the next steps for your case. Remember to keep in mind that your ultimate goal is receiving benefits, which will help you because of your workplace injury.

The Insurance Adjuster Is Not On Your Side

Many people who make workers’ compensation claims and do not have lawyers are unaware that insurance adjusters are not there to help them. While an adjuster may seem friendly and helpful on the phone or in emails, all adjusters work for insurance companies. The insurance companies aim to keep costs low by taking in premium payments and paying out as few claims as possible. As a result, the insurance adjuster’s job is to gather information to justify denying your claim for benefits.

Your conversations with the adjuster are not confidential. Everything you say will be shared with the insurance company as a whole and potentially with your employer. It may come out in the workers’ compensation case later, too.

Why Communications with the Insurance Company Are Important

The insurance company makes the decision about whether to grant or deny you benefits for your workplace injury. It bases its decision on many factors, including your communications about the injury. For example, if you express doubt whether the injury happened at work, benefits could be denied. If you request unreasonable medical treatment, benefits could be denied.

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

If the above information about insurance adjusters is new to you, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will communicate with the insurance company for you, including all required talks with the adjuster.

Further, you can pass on information about your case to your lawyer in confidence. The attorney-client privilege protects communications between you and your lawyer. Unless you want your lawyer to share information, he or she will keep it private.

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