Have You Been Speaking to H.R. About Your Workplace Injury? Your Next Steps
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Have You Been Speaking to H.R. About Your Workplace Injury? Your Next Steps

If you have been speaking to H.R. about your workplace injury, you may wonder about your next steps. You may be surprised to learn that Human Resources does not always have your best interests at heart when it comes to workers’ compensation.

Why Does Human Resources Want to Speak to You?

Human Resources may need to speak to you right after a workplace injury to get details about the incident. The department may be in charge of submitting the First Report of Injury form. This form goes straight to the workers’ compensation insurance company for review. The insurer decides whether to deny or grant the claim for benefits.

The First Report of Injury form asks for basic information about the injury, you as the injured worker, and the company. However, it may include the company’s first attempt to downplay your injury. Your employer may take the position that you were not injured at work, that you are faking the injury, or that your injury is not serious. The description used on the form may reflect this position.

What Should You Do If H.R. Calls?

If Human Resources asks you to come in, be careful what you say. Tell the truth and detail what happened, but do not offer up unnecessary information. For example, it may not be the best idea to tell the H.R. representative about previous, repeated injuries to the same body part, or a history of workplace safety violations.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you get called in by H.R. and questioned about your injury, you may wonder if you need legal representation. Sometimes, at the early stages of a workers’ compensation case, you already may have an idea that your claim will be denied. In that case, getting a lawyer can be helpful.

Many people seek out legal help after H.R.’s submission of the first report of injury. The insurance company has sent back a claim denial, but the employees still want to seek benefits. An experienced lawyer can assist you in fighting a claim denial and countering any arguments that H.R. or the insurer make.

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