How Can I Pay for Medical Treatment While My Workers’ Comp Case Is Pending?
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How Can I Pay for Medical Treatment While My Workers’ Comp Case Is Pending?

While your workers’ compensation case is pending, you may need to pay for medical treatment. Workers’ compensation insurance companies often deny benefits after employees first report their injuries. As the employees challenge the benefits denials, they face mounting medical expenses. If you are in this situation, here are some suggestions.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Hopefully you have health insurance already. If so, talk to your insurance company about which medical expenses related to your injury that it will cover. Depending on your benefits, you may have to pay portions of these bills out of pocket. This is why challenging the workers’ compensation benefits denial is so important – a successful challenge means that you and your health insurer get repaid for these expenses. If you do get your workers’ compensation benefits granted, be sure to check that you get repaid for all expenses reasonably related to your injury.

If you do not have health insurance, look into whether you can purchase a policy. The coverage could greatly reduce the financial burden on you, because the insurer will pay for at least part of your medical expenses rather than you paying entirely out of pocket.

Do You Have a Lawyer?

When your medical expenses are through the roof, you are out of work due to your injury, and you are not getting any workers’ comp benefits, you need a lawyer. Workers’ compensation lawyers will advise you on your options for challenging the insurance company’s decision to deny benefits. You may need to file a Claim Petition with the Department of Labor and Industry.

After you file a petition, the insurance company will schedule an independent medical examination and continue to argue that you should not receive benefits. Your lawyer will gather evidence such as a written opinion from your treating doctor to show that you should receive benefits. Having a lawyer usually will increase the likelihood that you recover benefits or agree to a settlement. This is true because lawyers have experience negotiating with insurance companies and making arguments in your favor. When a lawyer takes over your case, you can focus on healing from your injury.

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