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How Long Do You Have to Raise a Personal Injury Claim in MN?

Personal injury claims in the United States vary by state, case, and amount. However, claims must be raised within the time limit set by law. Otherwise, you lose your right to do so.

So, how long is that? The time limit is normally 3 years from the date of the accident but can be longer in certain cases. Still, this is not always easy to keep track of, and it can result in the loss of your right to make a claim.

To avoid that, a Minneapolis personal injury attorney can help you file and win your claim as soon as possible. This could help you with faster recovery to get back to your normal life.

Keep your eye on this blog because it will explain everything you need to know about personal injury and how you can get the compensation you deserve!

Personal Injury Claim Explained

Personal injury claims mean that a victim of a wrongful act requires compensation for physical or mental harm. The claim is brought by the victim against the person responsible for causing the damages usually via an insurance company.

For example, it was a sunny day, and you were out walking along the beach when someone bumped into you. Because of this, you fell over and tripped on a nearby rock. You tried to get up as quickly as possible, but your leg wasn’t working at its normal pace. You looked down and realized that you had broken your leg!

Given the above example, you can file a personal injury claim against that person who bumped into you.

When someone is injured and it is someone else’s fault, they can attempt to claim compensation. It is always best to have an experienced personal injury lawyer in Minnesota like Osterbauer Law Firm to handle your claims, however, since time is of the essence.

If you have been injured in an accident, you are probably eager to get back to your normal life. However, a personal injury claim will take some time to settle. If the person who was responsible for the accident has good insurance, it might take a year or more for the insurance company to pay the full amount of what was agreed upon in the settlement.

Claim Period

The claim period is the time that an injured person has to raise a claim against another party. As stated by the Injury Compensation Act 1996, a personal injury claim must be raised within 3 years of the incident.

Common Personal Injury Claims

Not all personal injury lawsuits are the same. Before filing, it is important to know the type of personal injury you’re filing. Below are the most common types of personal injury claims:

Car Accident Claims

A car accident is the most common type of personal injury claim. In this case, you are the passenger, and the driver is at fault for the incident. You may be eligible to file for compensation.

Car accident legal claims can be complex and require the help of an experienced lawyer. Your attorney is essentially your best bet when it comes to claiming financial compensation after a car accident. A Minnesota personal injury attorney will help you protect your interest and win your rights.

However, car accident injury claims may take a matter of weeks to settle compared to other personal injury claims. Most likely, you’ll need a lawyer to prove that the accident is the driver’s fault.

Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall legal claims are a very common type of personal injury case. If you have been injured in a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to file a personal injury claim.

These incidents usually happen in public buildings or private property due to the management’s fault. A perfect example is when you go to a mall and fall over due to a wet floor. This may cause you to twist your leg or hurt your back.

In this situation, you can file a claim against the mall management for your injury. The sooner you make contact with an attorney to file the claim, the better your chances are at getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Dog Bite Claims

Dog bite claims are on the rise in recent years. These days, victims or their families can file dog bite claims for personal injury against the dog owner, who is responsible for damages filed by the victim for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

If you are the victim of a dog bite attack, it is important to realize that not every dog bite will lead to a personal injury. To file a successful case, one key element must be present and that is negligence on the part of the owner. If your attack resulted from the negligence of the dog’s owner, you may file your claim.

Many dog bite cases are difficult to prove. However, if you hire the right lawyer, your chances of getting compensated for your injury are increased.

Assault From Another Person

If you have been injured deliberately, by an assault or attack, then you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. To determine whether you are entitled to recover damages for this type of injury, you need to prove that the other person was at fault, rather than your own actions.

A key question in any such claim is whether the assault happened due to carelessness. If an individual feels they or their property have been harmed by a mistake made by someone else, they may be able to bring an action against the perpetrator.

The losses suffered as a result of an attack or assault can be substantial, including costs related to medical treatment and taking time off work to recover from your injuries, but these can vary significantly by individual.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence claims are a very important aspect of personal injury law. These claims are typically filed against medical practitioners when they have failed to perform their duties properly, thereby causing harm to the patient.

If a patient suffers but takes no action, the doctors will not be charged for their mistakes. Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide proof that the health provider was negligent.


There are times when you have to make a conscious decision to stand up for your rights. If you have been the victim of injuries caused by someone else, then it is your right to file claims. The only way for your claim to be successful is by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Minnesota and filing a suit against the negligent party.

If you’re a victim and are looking for a Minneapolis personal injury attorney, look no other than the experts at Osterbauer Law Firm. Call 612-334-3434 now for a free consultation.


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