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PERA Attorney Assist St. Paul Workers

Public sector employees in St. Paul, including law enforcement, first responders and those employed by a government or government sector are required to provide PERA DBP or Public Employee Retirement Association Defined Benefit Plan members to all full or part-time employees earning more than $5100 per year for 12-month employment or $3800 for those working the school year, which is considered September through to May or June depending on the calendar.

Once public service employees reach a specific age and number of years of service, they are eligible to receive pension benefits. However, other types of employment and specific situations may limit or reduce the amount of benefits the employee can obtain. In addition to PERA retirement, PERA also provides disability benefits of employees meeting specific criteria.

Accessing Legal Assistance

With both a PERA retirement application or when filing a PERA disability claim, employees in St. Paul should consider having experienced PERA attorneys/lawyers involved in the process. The attorney can review the PERA disability claim or the application for retirement benefits and ensure all required information is provided, and all required supporting documents are available and included.

In some cases, employees may be denied their disability claim, or there may be issues with receiving retirement benefits. Our PERA attorneys/lawyers specializing in employee representation can move forward with these denials, providing legal support throughout the appeal process. For many of these types of denial, additional supporting evidence will be required to have the claim approved.