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Working With PTSD Lawyers In Minneapolis

PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur in anyone in Minneapolis exposed to traumatic incidents. This can include being involved in a life-threatening situation or a perceived life-threatening event, or it may include witnessing such an event. These events can occur in the workplace, such as observing the death of a coworker in an accident, or it may be a part of the job as experienced by Minneapolis first responders.

While PTSD is recognized in the mental health community and the medical community, it is very difficult to prove as part of a PTSD workers compensation claim. For this reason, anyone considering this type of claim should speak to our team of PTSD attorneys before filing the initial claim, or at the first possible time after a denial.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

People filing a PTSD workers’ compensation claim should expect a denial with the initial application. There are some exceptions to that statement, and our PTSD lawyers can provide you with insight based on the specific situations surrounding the incident or the incidents involved.

Our attorneys have the ability to work with clients throughout the PTSD disability compensation appeals process. This includes providing representation the Administrative Law Judge hearing and even carrying the case through to Federal Court Review if necessary.

While PTSD claims are hard to get approved through the workers’ compensation process, our team of lawyers has the expertise and experience to argue your case and to provide you with the best legal representation available.