Small Offices and Workers’ Compensation Claims
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Small Offices and Workers’ Compensation Claims

When you work in a very small office, you may face a set of particular challenges when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. For example, you may have trouble taking enough time off work, run into problems returning to work with medical restrictions, or struggle with confidentiality.

Will You Be Able to Take Enough Time Off Work?

A major concern in a small office is having enough coverage if someone is taking time off work. Depending on your injury, you could need significant time to recover. The company may have to hire a temp to do your job, or your coworkers may pick up the slack. As a result, your employer may urge you to come back to work as soon as possible – before you are medically able to return. Resist the urge to help out by going back early. You could reinjure yourself or get a new injury. Explain to your employer that you will return when your doctor clears you.

Returning to a Small Office with Medical Restrictions

When you are ready to go back to work, you could face trouble in a small office. The office may not be able to accommodate your medical restrictions. If you have been on leave for a while, they may have fully replaced you. Or you may not be capable of doing all your job duties or working quite as many hours.

Fortunately, you can request vocational rehabilitation benefits as part of your workers’ compensation. A Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) will help with your return to work or with your need to find a new job that fits your restrictions.

No Such Thing as Confidentiality in a Small Office

Finally, everyone knows everyone else’s business in a smaller office. This can include private medical details related to your workers’ compensation claim. For example, you might have been injured in an embarrassing area or be receiving treatment that you would prefer to keep private. It can be difficult to keep this information private.

Even in a small office, a single person usually handles the workers’ compensation paperwork. This may be your manager, the head of the company, or someone in Human Resources. Talk to this person and request absolute confidentiality, especially for private medical details. While you may not get total confidentiality, having this conversation at least improves your chances of privacy.

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