Vision and Hearing Loss Injuries and Minnesota Workers’ Compensation


Vision and Hearing Loss Injuries and Minnesota Workers’ Compensation

When a workplace injury causes vision or hearing loss, workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical costs. These benefits also may pay for vocational rehabilitation services and for part of any lost wages from taking time off work.

Vision and Hearing Loss Injuries at Work

Unfortunately, employees may suffer from vision loss or hearing loss injuries at their workplaces due to various causes, including:

  • Foreign substances, such as chemicals or tools, entering the eye or ear
  • Very loud explosions or noises
  • Falls off scaffolding or equipment
  • Industrial accidents
  • Tools malfunctioning
  • Serious head injuries

Injuries from these types of accidents may impact an employee’s entire life. Workers’ compensation may not seem like enough to compensate for loss or partial loss of a sensory organ. The Minnesota state laws do, however, take into account that losing sight or hearing is very serious. Employees may be able to receive wage loss benefits at a higher rate due to the severity of this type of injury.

Which Jobs Have a High Risk of Eye and Ear Injuries?

Some jobs or occupations carry a higher risk that employees will suffer from eye or ear injuries:

  • Welders, who need to protect their eyes and faces from sparks
  • Chemical workers, who risk splashes of toxic chemicals on their skin
  • Factory workers, who could suffer hearing loss when the machinery is very noisy
  • Construction workers, who face flying bits of building materials and loud noises daily

If you work in one of these industries, safety in the workplace should be a high priority. Make sure you wear the required protective equipment, such as safety glasses, hard hats, earplugs, and appropriate shoes. Report unsafe conditions in the workplace to your safety officer or supervisor. And if you do suffer from an injury, be sure to speak to a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer.

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