Do You Work in Construction? Learn about Your Right to Workers’ Compensation
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Do You Work in Construction? Learn about Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

If you work in construction, you know that you face safety risks every day on the job site. But did you know that you may be able to receive workers’ compensation for even minor injuries at work? In Minnesota, workers’ compensation benefits are available to all employees injured in the workplace.

The Risks of Construction Work

Construction workers are at a high risk of workplace injuries due to the nature of their work. They encounter situations such as:

  • Working on scaffolding high off the ground
  • Operating heavy machinery in tight spaces
  • Flying chunks of wood or concrete
  • Very loud equipment, such as jackhammers
  • Lifting awkwardly shaped and heavy building materials
  • Uneven ground underfoot
  • Unmarked dangers, such as missing railings or holes in the floor

Most construction workers probably know someone who has been injured at a construction site. The risks are great, and not everyone takes the strongest safety precautions.

Workers’ Compensation Can Help Employees Get Back to Work

If you have been injured at a construction site or know someone who was, you or your friend may be eligible for workers’ compensation. In Minnesota, you must be an employee to receive these benefits. Sometimes construction “contractors” are considered employees, and sometimes they are not. You should speak to a lawyer if you are an injured contractor.

Those workers who are labelled employees can request workers’ compensation by reporting their injuries to their employers. The employer should then contact its insurance company, which pays the benefits. Injured construction workers could receive payment of their medical expenses to treat the injuries, wage loss benefits for the time they took off work, and even vocational rehabilitation if they need to change jobs, trades, or industries.

Some construction workers may feel hesitant to report seemingly minor workplace injuries such as back strains for fear of retaliation. The law protects employees who seek workers’ compensation, plus workers can improve safety for everyone by reporting. If you are concerned about retaliation, talk to a lawyer about your case first.

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