What Pays More: Workers Comp or Disability?

There’s definitely a lot to think about when you get hurt on the job. There are several things to consider, especially if the injury you’ve incurred is severe. The first thing that comes to mind is whether the injury is severe enough to keep you out of your job for some time? If so, for how long?

Will you be compensated for the time being? Will there be additional compensation because it was a work-related or workplace accident? How will your family manage if ever you’d be without a job or salary at the moment?

That’s a lot of questions, right? Expect that following through with them is much more exhausting. Worry not, though. That’s why the best Workers Compensation Lawyers in Minnesota from Osterbauer Minnesota Injury Law Firm are here to help.

What are Your Rights?

Workman Injury Compensation in Minnesota details that you should rightfully have access to wage, rehabilitation, and medical benefits. This brings us to the first and most important reason why you’d need experienced workers compensation lawyers in Minnesota. Not all of your rights will be voluntarily divulged to you by your employer or the insurance company.

Depending on the situation, you may be eligible for:

  • Workers’ compensation.
  • Unemployment compensation.
  • Short & long-term disability.
  • Sickness/accident benefits.
  • SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

As mentioned, your eligibility for the aforementioned benefits depends on a per-situation basis. One thing is for sure, however. Once you have an injury attorney lawyer by your side, you won’t miss a beat.

Workers Compensation vs Disability

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefit is what’s available for you if you get injured while on the job. It usually covers wages lost as well as medical bills. All employers are expected to provide workers’ compensation benefits to all of their employees should they get injured on the job, including in the state of Minnesota.

It’s the government that requires companies to comply and, in turn, employers hire and pay an insurance company to provide said workers’ compensation benefits to employees. Even from that arrangement, you can already sense that there’d be some conflict when it’s time for you to claim your benefits. That’s why it’s important to know your rights or, better, have some sort of guidance so you won’t be taken advantage of.

Trust us, you can get laid off or, worse, fired while still injured, especially if the company deems you can no longer do your job. But that’s illegal, especially if you’ve already filed for your workers’ compensation benefits. This will give you some form of protection. You can file a lawsuit, too, whenever the situation calls for it.

Employers may even attempt to fire you because you’ve filed for workers’ compensation benefits and you can definitely fight that back. It’s time to consult workers compensation lawyers in Minnesota.

You should then continue to receive workers’ compensation benefits until you are fit to work again.


Workers’ disability, better known as SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, works a bit differently. You can utilize SSDI even if you were injured off the job. This benefit also covers injuries on the job or in instances where it’s a combination of both.

A good example is if you were in an accident that injured you off-site due to fatigue or another negative effect to your health that you received from work. This kind of injury may be covered by SSDI.

Sounds a bit less restricting. It is, but proving your claim takes a lot more work because there can be a lot of loopholes that employers or insurance companies might exploit here.

Consequently, you must prove to your employer that you are no longer capable of doing the work that you do for them for the foreseeable future. You will have SSDI benefits until you are no longer disabled or if your benefits have switched to retirement benefits.

Disability benefits normally do not cover:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Medical bills
  • A long duration

They also do not typically pay as much as workers’ compensation benefits.

That’s why it’s important to choose which benefit to go for and make the best decision not just for yourself but also for your family.

Is it Possible to Have Both?

Yes, it actually is possible to avail of both. In instances that you suffered an injury at work that left you disabled, then you may file for both. Just take note that the benefits that you’ll receive will be adjusted according

What are My Initial Options if My Claim is Denied?

So, what if your employee does not honor your claim for workers’ compensation benefits?

First things first, you’re going to need to cover your bills and day-to-day expenses. You can file for an unemployment compensation benefit, short-term or long-term disability benefit, SSDI benefit, or SSI which stands for Supplemental Security Income benefit.

Based on the criteria met, these benefits should be a good way to temporarily cover your expenses as you fight for your right to your workers’ compensation benefit.

What about a settlement with your employer? Well, this is another good way to ensure that you’re compensated for what’s happened and something that you may get out of filing a workers’ compensation benefit.

But do be careful when accepting a settlement. Make sure that you receive the best possible advice when you do and that it works to your advantage before accepting any.

Final Thoughts

Workers’ compensation pays more than disability.

Knowing when to file for workman injury compensation in Minnesota is crucial to your finances in the aftermath of an accident that leaves you injured or disabled at the moment or for the foreseeable future.

Make sure to always have the best possible counsel by your side because you never know where your fight for your rights might take you. Having a good attorney right from the get-go is prudent so you never miss an opportunity.

Osterbauer Law Firm has seasoned lawyers who are well-versed in fighting for workers’ compensation or disability benefits and will always have your best interests at heart. Call us now!


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