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What Qualifies as Personal Injury in MN?

When another person’s negligence injures you in any way, you may file a reasonable personal injury claim. Personal injury claims usually include anything that has harmed your body, emotions, or reputation. However, there are specific terms that qualify your case as a personal injury.

Consider getting a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis, MN to handle your case. Professional lawyers will know how to navigate the local legal system in your favor. With a legal expert handling your personal injury case, you have better chances of securing the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Here is a closer look at personal injury claims in MN.

Types of Personal Injuries in MN

Personal injuries in Minnesota classify into:

Work-Related Injuries

These injuries involve the accidents you incur in the workplace. Personal injuries that involve workplaces fall under Minnesota’s Workers’ Compensation Laws. These laws are specific to work comp claims. Some personal injury lawyers who specialize in work comp claims can help you secure the compensation you deserve. Proceed to our section dedicated to workers’ compensation if you believe that your personal injury involves your workplace.

Bodily Injury

When another person or party is responsible for your injuries, you can seek legal action for monetary compensation. Your bodily injury claim would involve seeking coverage for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, you must reach a threshold to qualify for compensation. Personal injury attorneys are in charge of getting the maximum amount of compensation for your bodily injuries. These legal professionals can help you determine whether you meet the requirements and fight for your rights.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims depend on another person or party’s negligence. Negligence is when a person did not meet certain expectations regarding your safety. For instance, your workplace must have safety precautions in place, especially if your duties involve heavy equipment or harmful chemicals. Your personal injury claim could be due to your workplace failing to offer protective equipment.

With a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis, MN, you can establish whether another party has been negligent. These professionals ensure that you have a fighting chance against large insurance companies that aim to deflect blame and pay you fewer damages. As your personal injury attorney fights for your rights, you can file personal injury claims for accidents, including:

Vehicular Accidents

These personal injuries include damages that you incurred from automobile accidents and bicycle accidents. In personal injury cases involving auto accidents, insurance companies tend to withhold the compensation you deserve. These big insurance companies would offer settlements that fail to cover all the damages you incurred from an auto accident, including medical bills, property damages, and ongoing treatments you might need.

As lawyers in one of the top personal injury firms in Minnesota, we understand how unfair this strategy is. As such, we take on the insurance companies on your behalf while you focus on recovering from your personal injuries. Coordinate with a legal expert to gather the details of your case and establish another party’s negligence.

Pedestrian Accidents

Just like automobile accidents, you could incur injuries due to a pedestrian’s negligence. Perhaps a pedestrian was jaywalking, causing you to swerve from the road. This case illustrates how a pedestrian failed to abide by the rules of the road.

Similarly, you could be a law-abiding pedestrian using the crosswalks, but a negligent driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Suppose this driver worked for a big company, meaning they have a legal team behind them that will try to pin the blame on you. Consider getting a personal injury lawyer to set the record straight.

Dog Bite Accidents

Aggressive pet dogs attacking you suggests negligence on the dog’s owner’s part. Accidents of this nature can scar you for life. Apart from the physical pain that you experience from the dog bites, you could get physical scars from your injuries and develop psychological damages after surviving a traumatizing event.

Be sure to contact a personal injury if a dog attacked you or a loved one. Professional lawyers can help you determine how much fault the dog’s owner owes you and get them to cover your damages. At Osterbauer law firm, we have legal experts who can scour all the sources you are entitled to charge for your personal injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents can occur indoors or outdoors when you are on someone else’s property. Suppose you are in a company’s commercial headquarters. While on the premises, you slip and fall because of a wet floor. This establishment failed to place a wet floor sign to warn its visitors. In this case, you are entitled to financial compensation because of the company’s negligence.

Be sure to get a lawyer as soon as you get injured by slipping and falling on another person’s property. These legal experts can navigate the Minnesota legal system to establish a negligent party’s premises liability. Our attorneys at Osterbauer law firm will fight to prove the duty of care that a property owner owes you.

Wrongful Death

Personal injury cases can include instances when your loved one dies. Whether they die due to the prior injuries they incurred or if their death comes suddenly, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Another person’s negligence that has led to your loved one’s death leaves significant charges that you should not have to shoulder yourself.

Be sure to file a wrongful death claim with an experienced personal injury lawyer to ensure you maximize your compensation. Whoever you will face in your case will likely have a legal team of their own, whose goal is to pay less than what you deserve after losing a loved one.


Personal injury claims in MN include bodily injuries that can either be work-related or not. These injuries leave victims with significant expenses that they may not have resources to cover, from medical bills to ongoing treatments. Accidents that lead to these expenses usually involve vehicles, pedestrians, dog bites, and unsafe premises. You will need a legal professional to oversee your situation and get the coverage you need.

Osterbauer law firm is among the top personal injury firms in Minnesota. You can count on our legal professionals to analyze your situation and determine the amount of monetary compensation you deserve. We are ready to take on large insurance companies and fight on your behalf while you recover from your injuries. We aim to secure the maximum amount you need to get back to your life before your personal injuries. Get a free consultation today by calling 612-334-3434.


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