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What Types of Injuries Are Covered By Minnesota Workers’ Compensation

Injuries sustained in the workplace occur in many different types of industries, causing physical harm to employees. When this type of injury happens, employees are entitled to receive workers’ compensation insurance proceeds in order to help them pay the costs of lost wages and required medical care. At the Osterbauer Law Firm, we are here to fight on your behalf for the workers’ comp benefits you deserve after a workplace injury. There are different types of injuries and illnesses that can lead to a workers’ compensation claim.

Some of the workplace injuries that commonly result in workers’ comp claims include:

Sprains and strains
Strains are torn or stretched muscles and tendons, while sprains are torn or stretched ligaments. When an employee twists, pulls, or falls, it can result in a strain or sprain injury. The common causes of these types of injuries in the workplace include bad ergonomics or improper lifting.

Deep tears or cuts in the skin and flesh are referred to as laceration injuries and occur in many different types of industries and workplace settings, including in manufacturing, restaurants, machine shops, and other industrial facilities. Oftentimes, these injuries occur when workers lose concentration, rush to complete a job, or fail to wear proper safety equipment.

These are injuries to tissues caused by chemicals, heat, steam, electricity, radiation, or sunlight. Burns often happen in production and manufacturing facilities when workers are exposed to acids, and chemicals. These injuries can also occur in restaurants. They often happen internally when the employee inhales chemical fumes or smoke.

Marks or bruises on the skin that form when blood trapped under the skin’s surface crushes small blood vessels are referred to as contusions. This type of injury often occurs in the workplace when an employee runs into something or drops an object. Many of these injuries may be prevented if the owners conduct a review of proper ergonomics and environmental awareness through routine employee trainings. Lockout-tagout procedures and machine guarding can also help prevent contusion injuries.

Eye Injuries
Face and eye protection is necessary to protect against mechanical irritants and various types of chemical, radiological, and environmental hazards. Flying debris can also result in serious injuries if protective eyewear is not worn.

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