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Common Workers Compensation Myths

There are a number of myths surrounding the topic of how workers’ compensation operates. A large percentage of those in the workforce are eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits, so it is important for them to know the truth about how the system works. At Osterbauer Law Firm, our workers’ comp attorneys can fight to help you get the financial recovery you deserve if you have been injured in the workplace.

Here are some common myths surrounding workers’ compensation:

A Workers’ Comp Claim Puts Your Job at Risk

Some workers who have sustained an injury on the job are hesitant to file a workers’ compensation claim, fearing that it may subject them to possible termination. However, the law protects against this occurrence. Firing a worker who is filing a workers’ comp claim is illegal in the state of Minnesota.

You Can’t Fight a Denied Claim

Sometimes a workers’ compensation claim is denied. However, that does not mean the end of your case. You have options available to obtain the benefits you deserve. This includes filing an appeal, which if successful, will give you another opportunity to get your benefits.

If I Was At Fault for My Work Injury I Can’t Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Accidents happen in the workplace. Sometimes workers get distracted or slip and fall because they fail to see particular hazardous sign. Other workers may suffer cuts while working with pieces of equipment. Fault is not a factor when it comes to receiving workers’ comp benefits. Regardless of whether you were inexperienced or inattentive for a moment and sustained an injury as a result, you are still eligible to receive these benefits.

However, in the case of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace and sustaining an injury on-the-job at the same time, you will not be eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits. In order to receive these benefits, you would have to prove that the alcohol and/or drugs in your system were not a factor in your injury.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Minnesota can help you evaluate your case and determine your eligibility for benefits.

At the Osterbauer Law Firm, we have you covered when it comes to helping you secure the benefits you are though in the aftermath of sustaining a workplace injury. Our experienced Minnesota attorneys can review your case thoroughly and suggest the best course of action to achieve the outcome you desire. To set up a free case evaluation, call our team today at 612.334.3434 or use our contact form.