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Will Workman’s Comp Pay for Surgery?

Filing for workman’s comp or worker’s compensation can help an injured worker financially by providing medical bill coverage. Injured workers can use this compensation to pay for any medical care fees, including surgery.

Getting workman’s comp requires seasoned lawyers to navigate the necessary legal and medical processes of obtaining compensation. If you have survived a significant workplace injury requiring surgery, consider our experts at the Osterbauer Law Firm to review your case.

We dedicate our legal services to get the financial compensation you need to cover any medical bills incurred after a severe injury in the workplace. We pull out all the stops to ensure you have the proper monetary settlement you deserve for an accident your workplace should have protected you against in the first place.

Here is more information on how a workman’s comp can pay for surgery.

Workman Injury Compensation in Minnesota

Minnesota has a Workers’ Compensation Act that specifies a worker’s right to accessing wage, medical, and rehabilitation benefits upon sustaining an injury in a workplace anywhere within the state. However, some employers and their representatives may deliberately withhold such information from their injured workers to avoid liability.

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer attorney at the Osterbauer Law Firm to determine your options under Minnesota law. Our seasoned professionals understand the ins and outs of workman’s comp laws, allowing us to effectively navigate the workers’ compensation system.

You can depend on our experts to obtain the worker benefits you are entitled to after sustaining an injury in your workplace. We go for the maximum amount you deserve to ensure you can return to the lifestyle you have maintained until you sustained your injury.

Surgery and Supplemental Therapy Coverage

Workers’ compensation claims must be comprehensive to include lifetime medical benefits. In other words, a worker must receive financial aid for all the medical care they need to undergo after sustaining a severe injury at work.

Lifetime medical benefits usually cover immediate surgeries or the treatment services a worker needs as soon as they survive the workplace injury. These benefits also cover the fees for additional surgeries that the worker may require after the initial medical assessment. Only the worker’s attending physician may determine whether they need supplemental surgeries.

For instance, a worker who broke a bone in their workplace would require immediate surgery. This initial operation would involve corrective pins to ensure the injury heals correctly. The patient would then need a second surgical session where the surgeons would remove the pins. A workman’s comp claim should cover both instances financially.

At the Osterbauer Law Firm, we strive to get you the right workers’ compensation to cover medical fees for all surgeries you may need. We even go as far as getting mileage reimbursements you may be entitled to if you live some ways from your nearest hospital. Get in touch with our experts to craft the workman’s comp claim that serves your best interests.

How Often Do Workplace Injuries Occur?

National Safety Council data reveals that workplace injuries in America occur every seven seconds. This rate translates to at least 12,900 daily work injuries and seven million annual work injuries. This alarming nationwide rate of workers sustaining injuries leads to lost productivity for employers and lost income for the injured workers.

Note that these figures only reflect known workplace injuries. Not all workers may report the damage they sustained in their work out of fear of the medical bills they would face. As such, the statistics may be higher than what we truly know.

At the same time, most workers may fail to consider their financial benefits and rights to medical treatment. This assistance is especially important for workers who suffer serious injuries that may require surgery. Some workplace injuries may lead to long-term disabling effects that affect a worker’s overall lifestyle, thus needing the proper compensation to cover all necessary fees.

Call our experts at the Osterbauer Law Firm to review your case after you sustain an injury in the workplace. We can help you file a workman’s comp claim to obtain the financial coverage you deserve. Should your injury require surgery and supplemental therapy, we will fight by your side to get the money you need to cover such fees.

How To Apply for Workers’ Compensation After Sustaining Injury

Workers who sustain severe injuries in the workplace must prioritize their health and recovery after getting injured. As such, the timeline for making a workers’ compensation claim usually allows up to 30 days of the event.

Within this timeframe, a worker must contact their employer and a qualified doctor. Workers who want to maximize the compensation they can obtain should consider getting a lawyer who can represent their best interests. Simply letting the boss know about the injury and their claims may leave the worker with less compensation than they truly deserve.

Seasoned attorneys who understand the workers’ compensation system help workers get their claim in place within the allotted time frame. These professionals understand that workers who need surgery must focus on their recovery and may not be in the right condition to fill out legal forms.

At Osterbauer Law Firm, we can assist workers through the compensation claims procedures. In the process, we may also meet with a qualified doctor to perform the necessary surgeries you need for your unique circumstances.

Conclusion: Will Workman’s Comp Pay for Surgery?

Yes, a workman’s comp can pay for surgery. The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act states that workers who get injured at work have the right to access wage, medical, and rehabilitation benefits.

Medical benefits include surgical fees. At the same time, workers may need continued support or therapy after surgery. Thus, the rehabilitation benefits would cover the costs for such supplementary treatments.

Consider the Osterbauer Law Firm if you need workman injury compensation in Minnesota. Our lawyers have litigated every workman’s comp claim successfully, guaranteeing a seasoned legal team on your side.

We dedicate ourselves to securing the compensation you deserve. Our Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyers forge strong relationships between clients, ensuring we know your case inside and out. As such, we will adjust to your circumstances to make sure we are on the same page.

Get in touch over the phone, and we will gladly discuss your case. We can set up a meeting in our office or travel to meet you at your earliest convenience. Allow our experts to fight for your rights to workers’ compensation.


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