Workers’ Compensation When You Are a Manager or Senior Leadership
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Workers’ Compensation When You Are a Manager or Senior Leadership

When you are a manager or senior leadership at your company, unexpected pitfalls may arise as you seek workers’ compensation benefits for an injury. You can anticipate those pitfalls and address them if you learn a little more about the workers’ compensation system.

Insurance Companies Look to the Bottom Line

First, you need to know that workers’ compensation insurance companies look to the bottom line just like your company does. Providing benefits to injured workers costs both the insurer and your company money. As a result, it is to their benefit if your injury is downplayed, you have minimal medical costs or lost wages, and you return to work as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to your company to return to work early because your team is left in the lurch. Your company and the insurer may want to save money by pushing you back to work. But by law, you have the right to receive needed treatment and to return to work when your doctor releases you – not earlier.

Calculating Your Benefits

Managers and executives may have special perks and benefits that they enjoy in addition to their salaries. Please be sure that the insurance company knows about all your compensation when it calculates your wage loss benefits. It may need to factor in everything from overtime to commissions into your benefits amount. However, your benefits may be capped at a maximum amount depending on how much you earn.

Return to Work and Accommodations

People in leadership positions may have a difficult time returning to work if they cannot perform their old job duties. Job opportunities within the company could be limited, and a job search could end up being nationwide or even outside the country. Be sure that you are receiving adequate vocational rehabilitation services if you need them while trying to get back to work.

If you return to your old job with medical restrictions or need special accommodations, don’t be afraid to address your needs with H.R., senior leadership, or your team. You do not need to disclose private medical information, but your team may need to know (for example) that you need to use a special chair during meetings or start work later in the day.

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