Workers’ Compensation When You Work in Human Resources


Workers’ Compensation When You Work in Human Resources

When you work in the human resources department, receiving all the workers’ compensation benefits you need could present great difficulties. You may need legal help to advocate for appropriate medical treatment and other benefits.

Why Is H.R. Different?

When you work in human resources, you or your colleagues may handle all workers’ compensation issues for your company. One of you may be the primary contact with the workers’ compensation insurance company. You may know how much your company pays for insurance and how many people have been injured that year. You may even be in charge of accommodations or return-to-work for injured employees. These duties can present a conflict for both you and your coworkers when handling your claim.

For example, you may feel pressured to return to work early because you know how much insurance costs your company. Or you may notice that your colleague is not communicating accurate information about your claim to the insurance company. You might have trouble getting the accommodations you need because someone less knowledgeable must handle it.

In any of these situations, talk to your manager about the issues you are experiencing. You may find that the company is more helpful than you expected. Your manager might decide to assign someone else to handle your claim more impartially. Or you might discover that everything in your workers’ comp case will be a battle.

What to Do If You Have Trouble Getting Benefits

If you work in H.R. and are struggling to get benefits that you know are available, seek legal representation. It is your right to have a lawyer, even if you worry that your company will retaliate against you as a result. Your lawyer can assert your rights and fight for you, while giving you some distance from the issues. Further, the insurance company adjuster and lawyer may feel more comfortable dealing with a lawyer, rather than you directly (since you work in H.R. at their insured).

Be sure to share any relevant information with your lawyer about the company. You may have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company, and inform your lawyer if so. But otherwise, you may be able to pass on information about the insurance policy or about the company’s situation that could help your lawyer negotiate a settlement or prepare for a hearing.

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