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Working With MSRS Disability Attorneys In Minnesota

MSRS or the Minnesota State Retirement System is responsible for retirement and disability plans for individuals employed by the state, as well as for their survivors. The most extensive plan managed by MSRS MN is the General Plan or more correctly known as the General Employees Retirement Plan.

Retirement Benefits

There are different requirements for employees in the state or specific civil employees to qualify for MSRS retirement benefits. The different requirements are based on the year the general plan began. All of the variations use the highest five consecutive years of service to calculate the average salary. This does not include unused sick or vacation pay. These numbers are reported to MSRS by the employer.

Years of service or length of service is not as simple as it may seem. Working part-time, taking a leave of absence, or transferring to another state or accepted civic employment position can all impact your retirement benefits. As this can be confusing, talking to our Minnesota MSRS retirement specialists can be beneficial at the time of your application.


It is also beneficial to have our MSRS disability lawyer/attorney review any MSRS disability claim. This is a separate application for Social Security Disability, and there are specific factors that are considered when approving these types of claims.

Based on your employment types and your specific MSRS plan, the MSRS disability claim process is slightly different. Documentation must include statements from two doctors as to the extent of the disability, and the application must also include an employer certification.

To find out more, talk to the MSRS disability and retirement attorneys at Osterbauer Law Firm.