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Understanding PTSD Workers Compensation Claim Difficulties In Minnesota

There is a lot of research and study into PTSD or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a very significant issue for soldiers in war zones, but it can occur with anyone who has witnessed or been involved in violence. This may include being attacked, raped or assaulted, or being threatened with death. First responders who are involved in life and death situations and see horrific injuries and tragedies as part of their work may also develop PTSD.

The diagnosis of PTSD is like many other mental health conditions. It is based on the presence of specific symptoms. There is no medical test for the condition, which makes it critical to have all the required documentation to prove the claim.

Workers Comp and PTSD

Horrible workplace accidents and deaths, workplace or school shootings, accidents involving machinery, and other types of incidents can lead to the development of PTSD. When these issues happen in the workplace, it is important to work with our PTSD attorneys/lawyers in our offices in Minnesota.

The challenges with a PTSD workers compensation claim is to prove the stress, accident or tragedy not only occurred in the line of work but also that it is the incident that had the greatest impact on developing PTSD.

While there is the possibility of PTSD disability compensation in Minnesota, it is typically not a claim that is immediately approved. Having our team of PTSD attorneys/lawyers represent you through the initial claim, and the subsequent appeals are instrumental in having the medical documentation required to prove your case and receive your benefits.