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Assistance With Minneapolis MSRS Retirement Or A MSRS Disability Claim

If you are a State Trooper, Correctional Officer working for the State of Minnesota, you have disability benefits available to you under the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS), if you are injured on the job. A qualifying injury can be physical, such as a back or neck injury, or it can be mental, such as anxiety, depression or posttraumatic stress disorder.

In order to qualify for MSRS disability benefits, you must show that your injury will disable you from performing the normal duties of your position for at least twelve months. This may seem straight forward but over my years of working with state troopers and correctional officers working for the State of Minnesota, I have learned that it can be anything but straightforward.

MSRS Disability Claim Requirements

After an injury on the job, particularly one that causes a significant disability, employees qualifying for the MSRS disability can file a claim for benefits and potentially continued health insurance coverage. Members must provide statements from two different doctors, which  indicate that the their disability prevents the individual from working and that the condition will last for at least twelve months. Each of the MSRS plans have slightly different sets of criteria and requirements to file an application for duty disability benefits.

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