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Turning To Our Experienced St. Paul PTSD Lawyers

While many workers’ compensation claims are for physical injuries, there can be serious, significant, and debilitating injuries that occur that are not physical in nature. People in St. Paul, who witness or are a victim of violence in the workplace, who see a tragic, fatal, or severe accident, or first responders in the community can be injured through the development of PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can have very serious and long-lasting symptoms. It can lead to flashbacks and nightmare, insomnia, extreme anxiety, mood changes, memory and concentration problems, self-destructive or self-harming behaviors, and difficulty in social and occupational aspects of life.

Making a PTSD Workers Compensation Claim

In the case of PTSD disability compensation claims without physical injuries, working with one of our experienced PTSD attorneys is recommended. Our PTSD lawyers know the documentation required to support the claim, and they can assist their client in preparing the original application.

In most of these cases, the original application will be denied. Our attorneys can work with clients through all steps of the PTSD workers compensation appeal process, which we automatically start with a denial. As there are filing dates and timelines involved, having one of our PTSD attorneys already familiar with the case is an advantage to our clients.

With our experience in representing clients at workers’ compensation Administrative Law Judicial Hearings or even at the level of Federal Court Review, our team is positioned to provide the legal representation needed to overturn the denial and ensure our St. Paul clients get the benefits they are entitled to receive.