Do You Work in a Laboratory? Learn about Your Right to Workers’ Compensation
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Do You Work in a Laboratory? Learn about Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

Workers in a laboratory should learn about their right to receive workers’ compensation benefits for lab injuries. Safety is paramount in a laboratory, where a single drop of a chemical can send employees to the hospital. If a breach in safety protocol or just an honest mistake led to your injuries, you could receive workers’ compensation to help you.

Which Kinds of Injuries Happen in Laboratories?

The safety risks in laboratories can lead to all kinds of injuries. The most common are chemical-related, but others happen too:

  • Chemical burns
  • Headaches and dizziness from inhaling fumes
  • Vision loss from chemicals
  • Cuts from broken glass or knives
  • Knee and ankle injuries from falling on slippery floors
  • Cancer and other occupational diseases from exposure to chemicals
  • Death from an explosion or chemical exposure

A laboratory is a dangerous place, and you should have received safety training on how to avoid accidents and protect your body. Unfortunately, accidents still happen despite taking every precaution. Workers’ compensation can help lab employees injured in workplace accidents.

How Can Workers’ Compensation Help Lab Employees?

Lab employees may have very serious injuries if there is an explosion or chemical spill at work. The effects of these injuries can last a lifetime. Workers’ compensation pays for medical expenses related to workplace injuries. This takes some of the financial burden off employees. In addition, the insurance company may pay wage loss benefits for workers who have to take time off to recover. If an injury leads to a need to receive accommodations, change jobs, or change industries, vocational rehab benefits available through workers’ comp help employees.

The only way to receive Minnesota workers’ compensation is by reporting an injury to your employer. If you are having trouble getting the benefits you need, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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